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How a geomembrane welding machine works?

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How a geomembrane welding machine works?

Application and working principle of Geomembrane welding machine

Automatic welding can be realized by geomembrane welding machine. Welding roller of geomembrane welding machine can move upward and downward, left and right and temperature can be adjusted. According to customer’s need, we provide geomembrane welding machine with different welding diameter and length.

Put geomembrane welding machine at some position, set a welding speed, the welding machine will move along a specified track.

Working principle of geomembrane welding machine

Geomembrane welding machine consists of operating device, control device, power supply device and process support device.

1. Operating device includes track, angle adjustment, vertical guide

2. Control device is electric control system which controls working condition of geomembrane welding machine.

3. Power supply device consists of air cylinders.

4.The process support device is composed of wire guide mechanism, wire guide pipe and wire guide nozzle, which can realize the automatic guiding and positioning of wire and ensure the quality of welding line.

Geomembrane Welding Machine


Application of geomembrane welding machine:

Geomembrane welding machine can be used with welding turning rolls. It can be used for internal and external circumferential joint welding, fillet welding, inside and outside longitudinal joint welding. 

Geomembrane Welding Machine

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