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How to find a good grout pump supplier in Singapore

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How to find a good grout pump supplier in Singapore

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Mortar or cement grout is necessary process in tunnel construction. Then you will need a grout pump. There are many types of grout pump machines in the market, how to choose a right machine for your project and how to choose a right grout pump supplier in Singapore?

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How to fine a good grout pump supplier in Singapore?

1. Factory strength of Grout pump

Small factory can’t guarantee the quality of grout pump and after-sales services also can’t be guaranteed. So customers should inspect the factory strength first. From accessories supply to workers skills, these factors will affect the quality of a grout pump.

Weibang Company has specialized in manufacturing grout pump for over 20 years. We have a skilled workers and technicians. Our accessories of grout pump are provided by reliable and famous company.

2. Complete models of grout pump

A good grout pump supplier should have a complete models of grout pump. According to different projects demand, customers may need different models of grout pump. A supplier with complete models of grout pump will give customers a appropriate suggestion in choosing a grout pump. Therefore, it will avoid that the group pump which has been purchased can’t be used on construction site.

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Weibang Company has a wide range of grout pumps, including cement grout pump, mortar grout pump, high pressure grout pump, low pressure grout pump, for our customers to select. 

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