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How to debug a new shotcrete machine?

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-16      Origin: Site

After purchasing a new shotcrete machine, do you know how to debug it and how to conduct regular check?

In order to solve your problems, experienced technician will give you some suggestions about problems.

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1. Make sure firm connection of every circuit of electric control system and there is no electric leakage.

2.Observe the oil window and check whether the lubricating oil in the reducer is sufficient (it is sufficient when the lubricating oil reaches half of the oil window).

3. Check that all parts of the machine are properly and securely joined.

4. Operate the machine for a short time to check the rotation (pay attention to whether the running direction is the same as the arrow)

5.Check the compression force exerted by the compression mechanism on the rubber plate. First move the nut wrench on the rod of the compression device to initially tighten it.Tighten 2-3 laps more, until there is no air leakage at the rubber plate.

As a shotcrete supplier, Weibang has many experienced technicians. They are good at debugging shotcrete machine. We provide free debugging support for our customers. After purchasing shotcrete machine from Weibang, once you have any problem on debugging machine or machine breakdown, feel free to call us and our technical support will be provided within 36 hours.

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