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Working principle and and technical advantages of Hydraulic shotcrete machine

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Working principle and and technical advantages of Hydraulic shotcrete machine

How a hydraulic shotcrete machine work, what technical advantages it has? Hydraulic wet shotcrete machine or say hydraulic pump shotcrete machine is featured with high pumping pressure, long spraying distance, low rebound rate, high working efficiency. Hydraulic pump shotcrete machine can be used to spray, fill, grout and pump concrete. It is widely used for concrete spraying in mining, tunneling, culvert, railway, water-power engineering, underground engineering and slope protection engineering.

hydraulic shotcrete machine

Working principle of hydraulic pump shotcrete machine:

Delivery pump delivers premixed concrete to spray nozzle which will be sprayed by compressed air. After complete mixing of material and compressed air in the spraying hose, sprayed material will be more even. Accelerator will be added at spraying nozzle and material will solidify rapidly.  
Technical advantages of hydraulic shotcrete machine

· Hydraulic pump, the system is reliable and delivery volume is stable

· High pumping pressure, long convey distance, high working efficiency

· Spray layer is compact, uniform

· Main oil pump adopts constant power variable plunger pump

· Bead welding of S-tube high-tensile electrode, glasses plate and cutting ring adopt High strength carbide which improves abrasive resistance and prolongs service life of parts

· Multiple-point electric lubricant pump can effectively control lubricant filling and filling time and prolong service life of quick-wear parts.   。

· Air-cooling avoids the damage of water-cooling in winter

· Metering pump of famous brand, accurate accelerator dosing and

· Low dust concentration reduces the damage to operator’s health

· Humanized design, easy operation and maintenance

hydraulic shotcrete machine

This is the working principle and technical advantages of hydraulic shotcrete machine produced by Henan Weibang, if you want to know more about our shotcrete machine, please feel free to contact us by email:

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