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Geomembrane Welding Machine HH-620 Price

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Geomembrane Welding Machine HH-620 Price

Geomemmbrane welding machine is divided into geomembrane welding machine HH-610, hot wedge welder HH-615 and geomembrane welder HH-620. They are a portable geomembrane welding machine for welding HDPE, LDPE, EVA, PVC, ECB, PP thermo plastic materials, Which used in waterproofing projects, such as tunnels,subway,water conservancy,farming,solid waste landfiils,chemical minning industry,sewage treatment,roofing and so on.

Because of  its small size and low price, Geomembrane welding machine HH-620 is very popular abroad. Geomembrane welding machine price in Philippines, South Africa, Zambia ,Somalia and other cuntries is very competitive.

Geomembrane welder machine’s speciffication as below:

voltage : 220v/110v 
Power : 1000w 
Materials: PE/PP/PVC/EVA/ECB 
Drive speed: 0-5.5m/min

Product Display of geomembrane welding machine:

 Geomembrane Welder HH-620



Product application field:

 Geomembrane Welder HH-620


Geomembrane welder video in youtuble:


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