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Operation Instruction of Mortar Grout Pump

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Operation Instruction of Mortar Grout Pump

 Instruction when grouting

1、Check the power of Mortar Grout Pump as required before starting the machine

2、The pump is for single-fluid and accelerator is prohibited to be filled.

3、During operation work, long-term interruptions should be avoided. In the event of a sudden interruption, the equipment should be cleaned with water reserved; If shutdown during grouting lasts over 3 minutes, turn on Grouting” button for 5 minutes to prevent mortar from solidification in the pipeline; If there is cement mortar, the stirring mechanism should be in a stirring state to prevent the cement mortar from solidifying.

4、After the grouting is completed, grouting hoses should not be removed until pressure is relieved. Do not disassemble grouting machine hoses and equipment under pressure.

5、It is strictly prohibited to clean motor power and electrical control box with water.

6、After using, clean the machine thoroughly and wipe it dry.

Safety notice when grouting

1、Fix grouting hoses good when grouting, make hoses unobstructed.

2、Clean grouting hoses after grouting and turn off switches and power.

3、Don’t put hands and other materials into hopper.

4、Ensure work surrounding safe.

Cleaning of grouting hoses and cement grout pump

After grouting, clean grouting hoses cement grout pump timely, examine the equipment.

1、After grouting, Connect the water hose to the mixing tank and add water, press mixing and Grouting buttons

2、Don’t turn off the equipment until clean water is flowing from grouting hoses.

3、Clean the surface of machine except for electrical control box.

4、Remove grouting hoses and coil up for storage.

5、Remove the booster stator and use a wrench to unscrew the booster worm and grease booster worm.

6、Pull out the conveying screw and wipe it with oil.

7、Other work.

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