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We provide the highest quality service support for you
For the creation name brand, enhances the enterprise popularity, sets up the enterprise image, Our company in line withAll pursue high grade, user satisfaction is the objective”Spirit, by“most gives preferential benefit price, thoroughest service, most reliable product quality”The principle pledged seriously to you:
Understood that which we do provide for you to serve
Product quality pledge
The product manufacture and the examination, Our company carries on the entire servicing check, and has the detailed record, after treating the product inspection qualified goes into storage, carries on again delivers goods.
Product price pledge
Under same level emulation condition, our company's product, in does not reduce the configuration, does not change the part material quality under the premise, by the price which most gives preferential benefit provides to the consumer.
Date of delivery pledge
Strictly according to user's requirement delivery, if has the special requirement, must order ahead of time, Our company specially will organize to produce, argues vigorously satisfies the user the demand.
Post-sale service pledge
1st, service objective: Fast, decisive, accurate, is thorough, is thorough
2nd, service goal: By the high quality service attitude, lets the client be satisfied
3rd, service efficiency: When the device presents the breakdown, after company receive phone calls, immediately the telephone instruction service, in the telephone instruction could not process in the breakdown situation, our company post-sale personnel will arrive at the scene by the quickest speed to carry on the service.
4th, service principle: In the warranty period, is the quality reason creates the damage, the company free will service, the human factor creates exception. Guarantees damage which outside the nature time creates, our company suitable collection replaces part's cost price.
The company serves the hot line
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