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Preparation Before Starting Wet Mix Concrete Spraying Shotcrete Machine

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Preparation before starting HS-700 Wet Mix Concrete Spraying Shotcrete Machine

1. The concrete must meet the following criterion: maximum grain size do not exceed 20 mm and the slump is strictly controlled within the range of 10 to 15 cm.

2. Aggregates need to be sieved before mixing. The fine aggregate ( sand) should be sieved through a screen with mesh size of 5 mm, and the stones with particle size greater than 5 mm in the fine aggregate are sieved.The coarse aggregates (stones) should be sieved through screens with mesh size of 20 mm and 5 mm respectively. Large stones with a particle size greater than 15 mm and stone powders and silt with a diameter less than 5 mm can be screened out.Check carefully to make sure there is no foreign matters, such as bolts, glass, iron wire, and iron pieces,in the fine aggregate.

3. Check the hopper of  Wet Mix Concrete Spraying Shotcrete Machine to make sure there is no foreign matters such as iron, wrenches, and wire.

4. Check the quantity and quality of the liquid accelerator. If it is not enough, add it. If a small amount of precipitate is found in the accelerator, it can be stirred manually to keep the liquid accelerator mixed evenly, but it cannot be used when there is too much precipitation. When the temperature is lower than zero, warming measures must be taken to prevent the liquid accelerator from freezing.

5. Turn the adjusting knob of metering pump to make accelerator dosing proportion meet to mix design requirements.

6.Connect air hose and power supply of wet shotcrete machine.

7. Don’t start the machine if system air pressure meter says 0.5 Mpa before open main valve.

8.Turn off main power switch to check that the voltage is within 380V ± 19V.

9. Use wrenches to evenly tighten (alternately diagonally) the four clamps until the rubber plate is slightly deformed.

10. Click the start button of the main motor to observe whether the rotation direction of the rotor is the same as the direction marked by the rotor (it should be rotated counterclockwise). If it is not consistent, adjust the universal switch.

700internal structure

11. Use a wrench to tighten the four clamps so that the four clamps are evenly loaded.

12. Turn on the air vibrator valve (or electric vibrator motor) and check whether the vibrator is working properly.

13. Use quick joints to connect the concrete spraying hose with the adjustable pipe and spraying hose.

14. Connect accelerator conveying hose.

15. Connect the accelerator suction hose to the water pipe, start the metering pump and water pump, observe whether the liquid flow in the suction hose is normal, and then open the auxiliary accelerator valve to check whether the wet nozzle interface is leaking. Is the nozzle mixing ring blocked? Stop when the spray head sprays water.

16. Put accelerator suction hose into the accelerator container, start the metering pump, open accelerator auxiliary gas valve, don’t stop metering pump until accelerator is sprayed from the nozzle head.

17. Smooth the concrete spray pipe to make it smooth transition to prevent the hose from being bent and causing blockage.

18. Put  the mixed concrete into hopper and have the hopper half full, open the air vibrator valve (or vibrate the motor), the concrete enters the hopper from the screen.

19. Star the main motor and make the rotor rotates slightly (rotor doesn’t rotate one round), so that a small amount of concrete in the air mixing chamber forms a column seal.

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