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Reliable and Efficient Shotcrete Manipulator

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-22      Origin: Site

Wet-mix shotcrete in mid-sized tunnels can now be applied accurately by a single operator with Robotic Shotcrete System & Concrete Pump Sprayer TXJS3017G. The new concept was designed for ease of operation and reliable performance while helping operators meet demanding productivity requirements.

TXJS3017 adopts advanced technology and can cut project time while increasing operator comfort and safety.

Mr. Liu, product manager of Weibang company, said: “One of the key features of TXJS3017 is the boom, which is fast and smooth and designed to reduce wear and tear. We developed it based on feedback from our customers.”

The telescoping boom provides stability during spraying operations. Piston pumping system , spraying capacity of 4-30m³/h, the working efficiency is three times higher than the rotor-type spraying machine.

Low pulsation and high dosing accuracy from the unit’s highly accurate dosing system and data logging feature means less cost from material wasted in over-application. The system adjusts liquid accelerator volume and flow instantly during operation and has an auto-stop function to prevent under-spraying.

Weibang Company also provide other range of shotcrete machines, including automatic and manual shotcrete machines.

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