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Shotcreting-bolting Support of Side Slope of Highway

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Shotcreting-bolting support of side slope of highway
With the rapid development of the expressway, slope stabilization of deep cutting is particularly important.  In order to meet the safety requirements, the construction plan for slope stabilization is very important.
Since slopes are widely distributed along highways, environment protection should also be taken in consideration during construction. Wet-mix concrete spraying machine shotcrete machine is a recommended machine.
1.  concrete spraying for stabilization

①It is suitable for rock slopes with poor lithology, low strength, weathering or hard rock formation, joint development, and surface weathering and spalling.

②When weathering spalling and joint cutting result in large-scale crushing, as well as local small collapse and falling rock, large-area shotcreting (spraying concrete) can be carried out after local reinforcement treatment.

③High slope with weathered and fragmented rock on upper and hard and complete rock on lower

④slope that can’t support the mountain pressure.

2. Combined bolting and shotcrte
   When the rock formation is severely weathered and fractured, if it continues to be weathered, it will lead to falling rock or small collapse, thus affecting the entire slope.  So concrete shotcreting is necessary. After shotcreting, slope will have high strength and good crack resistance, which can strengthen the fractured rock layer within a certain depth and can withstand the side pressure generated by a small amount of crushed body.
  Construction Requirements:
  ①In order to prevent the erosion of the slope water, a small intercepting ditch should be constructed outside the top edge of the sprayed (concrete spraying) slope.
  ②The anchoring depth depends on the degree of fracture of the slope rock layer and the thickness of the fracture layer, and it should be consolidated with 1:3 cement mortar.
  ③ Mortar grouting depth shouldn’t be less than 3cm, concrete shotcreting depth shouldn’t be less than 5cm. 
  ④The types of anchors are resin anchors, full-length mortar anchors, plastic anchors, cement anchors and seam anchors.
 ⑤ The measures to improve the bearing capacity of the bolt mainly include extending the length of the anchoring section, secondary grouting, using end expansion or multi-stage expansion.


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