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Ten advantages of truck-mounted shotcrete machine with automatic feeding

Views: 10     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-26      Origin: Site

Truck-mounted shotcrete machine with automatic feeding is a new product researched and developed by Weibang according to the construction need of our country. It can also be called automatic feeding shotcrete machine or truck-mounted hydraulic shotcrete machine.

Two storage hoppers at the front and end of the ssprayer make automatic feeding 24 hours a day possible, replacing traditional manual feeding. It not only saves labor but also avoids material waste caused by manual feeding on unhardened work surface. We have specialized in manufacture of concrete spray machines for many years.  Small profits and quick turnover is our operation principle. High quality and perfect after-sale service make products of our company enjoy a good reputation in China.

1、the sprayer is equipped with four hydraulic legs, making it stable.
2、The sprayer is equipped with a gear pump, which can lift the hopper in case of power off and make maintenance convenient.
3、air-cut brake is adopted and safety performance is strong.
4、the sprayer is equipped with high and low grades , making climb easily
5、truck of Shifeng is used for the sprayer. The maintenance points are spread all over the country.
6、 the machine adopts high quality 130/150 cylinder, lifting height up to 1.8M/1.9M
7、the main beam of sprayer adopts the national standard rectangle steel with a width of 200mm, while steel with width of only 120mm is usually adopted in the market.
8、the main beam of the sprayer adopts the national standard steel from the beginning to the end.
9、the lines of the sprayer is uniformly protected with covers which make it safe and stop from sunlight.

10、the hydraulic motor equipped on the sprayer is 15KW.




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