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What makes a good concrete spraying manipulator and how to choose concrete spraying manipulator?

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What makes a good concrete spraying manipulator and how to choose concrete spraying manipulator?

How to choose a wet concrete spraying manipulator? Now we will introduce you the advantages and features about the wet concrete spraying manipulator of our company.

Reliable performance and good adaption of concrete pump

1,Concrete pump with large bore and long stroke. The accessories such as eyeglass plate and friction ring have long service life. Good adaptability to concrete.

2, Main oil pump of pumping system and the solenoid valve of the key positon are Rexroth imported from Germany which are durable.

Classical telescopic and folding spaying boom and large spray coverage

1, Telescopic and folding design of big arm and small arm give large spraying coverage and small blind spot.
2, self-paralleling fuction of small arm allows easy operation. Flexible remote control, high spraying uniformity and low rebound.

concrete spraying machineshotcrete manipulator

Special engineering chassis suitable for jobsites of any conditions.  
1, Rigid structure and fully hydraulic drive,  four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, bidirectional driving, small turning radius (5 meters)

2, Weichai-Deutz engine, hydraulic drive, strong power and gradeability (30 degree)

concrete spraying robot1

Reliable and safe electrical control system and convenient wireless remote control
1, electrical components are imported famous bands (EPEC or ABB), dependable performance and low failure rate
2, All spray procedures can be controlled by one person with imported wireless remote control.

Dual-power design, cleaning can be completed by diesel engine in case of power failure.
 Synchronous accelerator dosing system and accurate dosage
1, Converter motor used in accelerator dosing system allows accurate dosage and convenient control.
2, Accelerator dosing can either be adjusted on control panel of the manipulator or with wireless remote control. In addition, dosage will synchronously change based on capacity of concrete output.
 Functions of remote fault diagnosis and remote communication. Prompt after-sale service 

1, Position information and system data of the manipulator collected by GPS, GPRS/CDMA will be continuously sent to the computer after analysis and treatment. You can make a remote fault diagnosis and a early warning to possible fault according to these data.
2, For faulty of system, parameters can be altered remotely.

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