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Working principle and features of truck-mounted shotcrete machine with double nozzles

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There are two types of truck-mounted shotcrete machines: automotive chassis and engineering chassis. The type of automotive chassis are divided into high-end SPCⅡ25Q and standard SPCⅡ17Q.

shotcrete machine

Chassis and power system

1, SPCⅡ17Q with Special engineering chassis has well-proven structure and is easy to maintain.

2, The engineering chassis is featured with good maneuverability, high speed of 25km/h, facility of transportation and reliable performance.

3, Cloud 4100QB engine with power of 58.8kw, configuration is higher than that of other manufacture.

shotcrete machine1

Pumping system

1, Large bore and long stroke of convey cylinder effectively reverse times and improve pumping capacity. The max. concrete capacity can reach 17 m3/h.

2, Main sealing parts can be lubricated by automatic lubrication system. Service life of wearing parts can be lengthened.

3, Pumping system is featured with less energy consumption, high work efficiency, low failure rate, less wearing parts, low maintenance cost, high system reliability, and stable delivery volume.

Concrete spray system

1, SPCⅡ17G adopts standard straight hose, elbow hose, hose joints and rotatable joints from outlet to spray nozzle.
2、SPCⅡ17G is equipped with a discharge five-way and a three-way. In the cases of blocking of five-way, the three-way can be installed for alternative. Easy switch of single nozzle and double nozzles.
3、The independently designed nozzle mixing chamber makes rapid, complete mixing of concrete and accelerator. Through optimizing the space of the mixing chamber, the angle and aperture of the accelerator hole, combing with pumping system, the external air pressure system and the accelerator system, construction quality can be guaranteed.

Accelerator system

1, Accelerator system of SPCⅡ17G adopts dosing pump of well-known brand. Double accelerator pumps allow accurate and adjustable dosage.

2, Accelerator system has filtering device which is easy to assembly and disassembly. Therefore, accelerator system can be protected. The strainer adopts 12 mesh stainless steel mesh, 0.3 mm wire, and 1.3 mesh. Customer can replace it according to practical situation.

shotcrete machine2

Cleaning system          

Water cleaning pump, water pump and high-pressure water gun can be equipped upon customers’ need.

shotcrete machine3

Electrical system

1, SPCⅡ17G has dual-power supple, external 380V power supply and chassis battery power.

2, Over-voltage and low-voltage protection, emergency shutdown protection.  

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