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Working Principle of Mortar Grout Pump SJB

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Working principle of Mortar grout pump SJB

Mortar grout pump is composed of stirring mechanism, pressurizing mechanism and electrical system. The pressurizing mechanism consists of motor, speed reducer, slurry conveyer, booster stator, booster worm and pressure measuring grouting joint. When used for spraying, it also includes spraying device.


Functions and working principles of mortar grout pump

1, The function of the mortar grout pump is to propel the cement mortar to overcome the resistance of the pipe to grouting and spraying site.

 Working principle

2, Working principle of mortar grout pump

sjb mortar grout pump 

Place the control switch of the stirring mechanism at the “stop” position, switch off the control power. Place the control switch at the “swirling” position, and the stirring mechanism works. After stirring of the cement mortar, place the control switch at the “stop” position, and place the control switch at the “reverse” position to assist the cement mortar into the conveying hose.

Turn off the control power switch, the pressurization mechanism control circuit powers on. Press the button SB2 "Grouting" button, 2KM acts, the motor rotates which drives the rotation of reducer, conveying spiral.The mortar is conveyed to the pressurized chamber which consists of pressurized worm and pressurized stator.

1、With step-by-step pressurization of pressurizing chamber, cement mortar reaches the grouting or spraying outlet through hose. 

2、The worm pressurization method allows continuous and low-pulse mortar flow. Grouting pressure can meet the design requirements. At the same time, it ensures the conveying and grouting of thick slurry.

After grouting, press the stop button SB1 at first, then press the SB3 to relief pressure, 1KM acts, the motor is reversed, the pressurized chamber consisting of the supercharged worm and the supercharged stator is decompressed during the reversal.

The recommended grouting hoses are with diameter of 38mm and rated working power of 8.0 Mpa.

SJB mortar grout pump

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